3 Reasons Why Asphalt Is The Ideal Driveway Surface For Your Acreage Property

For many Australians, buying some land with several acres is a wonderful way to escape the noise and population density of towns and cities and build a dream home. Many acreage properties only have basic driveway access, which can mean a bumpy and muddy drive to reach your home from the main road. Often, visitors without a four-wheel-drive vehicle won't be able to access or leave your property during wet, snowy or icy conditions.

If you'd love to seal your driveway and have a more solid and less off-road access road to your home, you may have been deterred by the expense and difficulties involved in sealing a much longer stretch of terrain than your average suburban driveway. Fortunately, there is an inexpensive and simple way to create a more user-friendly driveway. Here are three reasons why an asphalt driveway is the perfect choice for your acreage property.

1. It's inexpensive

Compared to other driveway finishes, asphalt is an economical way to seal your long driveway. It's significantly cheaper than paved or brick driveways. It's also comparatively less expensive than concrete. Although the price per square metre is very similar, asphalt requires less groundwork, doesn't need mouldings to be constructed and is much faster to pour than concrete. All of these factors mean a significant reduction in labour costs and a lower price for the overall job.

2. It's durable

Asphalt is one of the hardiest and most low maintenance driveway materials available. These properties are the reason why it's the material used around the country for roads and highways. Asphalt is also very low maintenance and is easily repaired if any small areas of the surface become damaged. Opting for an asphalt driveway means you'll have a solid and reliable driveway for the rest of your life.

3. It's versatile

Asphalt is perfect for long driveways on acreage properties because of the way it's poured. Asphalt is a thick, tar-like liquid that moulds easily and rapidly to the surface it's applied to. It sets very quickly, unlike concrete which can take up to a week to dry. This means that it can be used on surfaces that undulate and curve through your property without the need for supporting frames or gradual layering to adhere to steep gradients.

Having a sealed driveway can make life on an acreage property a little more civilised and more accessible to visiting guests. Contact your local asphalt contractor to organise an inspection of your property so they can provide you with an accurate quote to get the job done.

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