Different Commercial Premises That Would Benefit From Epoxy Flooring

One material that remains a staple for commercial flooring is concrete due to its inherent strength and long lifespan. Nevertheless, concrete can become prone to damage if the proper maintenance measures are not taken. One useful preventative measure would be to coat it with epoxy. Epoxy is made up of hardeners and resins that are chemically mixed to create a rigid material that is used as a top layer on concrete flooring.

The following are some of the different types of commercial premises that would benefit from epoxy flooring.

Commercial kitchens

Having a commercial kitchen means strict sanitation standards need to be upheld if you are to stay in business. One of the spaces in your kitchen that could easily become a health hazard is your flooring. The use of porous flooring materials makes the kitchen floor susceptible to harbouring a wide assortment of bacteria, increasing the risk of food contamination. Moreover, any cracks present in your commercial kitchen floor can help in the accumulation of microbes, and since it would be hard to reach these holes in the flooring, you stand the risk of failing a health inspection.

Therefore, if you have a commercial kitchen, you may want to consider epoxy flooring. This material can be formulated with an antibacterial layer, which would ensure that your floor becomes resistant to any contamination. As a result, any mishaps that occur in the kitchen will not lead to an unsanitary kitchen. In addition to this, epoxy is non-porous. Thus, it will not absorb any substances or be at risk of staining.

Retail spaces

If you have a commercial retail space, chances are you are heavily reliant on foot traffic or your business. Although a multitude of customers would be profitable for your bottom line, it should be noted that the high traffic could compromise the integrity of your flooring. Having to accommodate numerous customers at a time can wreak havoc to weak flooring materials such as laminate, tile and more.

Rather than having to resort to recurrent flooring repairs, you should cut on these costs by installing an epoxy floor. In addition to the increased resilience provided by the epoxy flooring, you will also find that this material boosts the appearance of your business. Firstly, epoxy has a glossy shine that makes it highly reflective, which work to enhance the illumination in your retail space. Secondly, epoxy flooring comes in a vast array of colours and patterns, which boosts the appeal of your concrete floor.

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