Home Renovation Ideas to Make the Space Uniquely Your Own

Renovating a home is a good way to make the space uniquely your own; a major renovation can actually change the footprint or layout of the home, or involve other changes that will create a space that suits you and your family personally. Note a few ideas to consider for your home renovation plans and then discuss these ideas with your builder or contractor as needed.

Expanding the master bedroom

Are the kids grown or do you find that you never actually use the upstairs guest bedroom? In that case, knock down the walls and expand the master bedroom to include a sitting room or library. This can give you a true master suite that you can enjoy for reading, meditating, or otherwise relaxing before bed. Add some cosy furniture and a portable fireplace and you have a romantic retreat you'll love.

Adding a theatre

If you're a movie buff, why settle for a television in the living room when a home renovation can create a true home theatre? Include a large screen along one wall, comfortable theatre seating, blackout draperies or no windows at all, and all the electrical wiring needed for a projector and stereo sound. Your renovation plans can also include room for a popcorn machine or a refrigerator for sodas and snacks so you can truly enjoy the full theatre experience.

Adding a doggie care station

If you're an animal lover, your home should accommodate their needs as well as everyone else's! A doggie care station can be added in the back of the home, like a mudroom. This room might include a shower area for easier dog washing, along with built-in storage bins for bulk food items and for keeping their leashes and other accessories organized. A pet door leading to this area can also be built into the door or wall, so you don't need to worry about getting up to let them in or out, or getting muddy footprints in other areas of the home.

Installing timber trusses

Timber trusses can actually be retrofitted to a home so that you can elevate and open the ceiling, giving the space an open and airy look and feel. This can be especially good for the entryway, if you want to create a grand look and show off a staircase, or for a back family room, where you might want to add larger windows for a nicer view of the property. The timber trusses can be left exposed for a rustic look and to add some personality to the space.

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