The Benefits of Using 3D Grade Control During Construction

People who are planning to construct large commercial properties, such as shopping centres, need to ensure that the car parks and driveways are properly graded. Grade control ensures that the ground will be level and that vehicles and people will move comfortably. This article discusses why 3D grade control techniques give better results than other grade control methods.

Greater Accuracy

Earthmoving equipment, such as bulldozers, which are equipped with 3D grade control technology are more accurate than equipment that isn't equipped with this grade control technology. This is because the machine levels the surface based on the design information that was fed into the control module of the earthmoving equipment. This removes any errors that may have resulted from the use of grade control markers that are placed by other workers in the area where work is going on.

Faster Completion of Work

3D grade control technologies also make it possible to complete projects much faster than before. This is because GPS positioning markers are distributed throughout the work area in order to act as points of reference for the earthmoving equipment. Those positioning markers make it possible for different teams to work simultaneously on different sections of the property. The completed work will be uniform because all crews relied on the same system to determine the grade of the car park or driveway that was being set up. This synchronised method of working makes it possible to complete the project quickly without the risk that different work zones will have different grades.

Lower Project Costs

3D grade control can lower the total cost of the constriction project. This is because the technology reduces the number of workers that are needed on any project. For example, you will not need to incur the cost of paying the workers who would have been engaged in manually checking the grade of the different sections of the car park that has been levelled by the earthmoving equipment. This reduction of labour comes about because the grade control system provides instant feedback about the extent to which the car park is level. The operator can then take steps to rectify any anomalies on the surface.

Find a grade control blasting contractor, such as Rock On Ground, and discuss how he or she can use 3D grade control techniques during your project. You will then be sure that the car park will have the grade that was specified by the engineer who planned that property.

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