Wooden Crates: A Beautiful, Affordable Material for Use Around the Home

Wooden crates are widely used for storing and transporting all kinds of goods. Because they're inexpensive, lightweight and convenient, they're popular with various businesses. However, they have other uses, too.

Because of their unique, rustic look, wooden crates have become popular items around the home. People use them for simple storage and decoration, but they have far more potential than just that. Whether you're using them plain or with a bit of extra work and decoration, here are just some of the things you can do with them:


Fixing one or two crates to a wall is about as easy as it is to hang a picture. You can even paint them to fit right in with a room – try a light blue for a nautical-themed bathroom or a dark wood stain for a country kitchen. Instant storage for whatever you need!


Crates can be stacked together and arranged as you please to create your perfect desk, fitting right in with whatever space is available. Make sure you secure it together with nails or screws and use a beautiful wood stain to give it a nice finish.


Pile up crates with the open top facing outwards and you have an easy, attractive book storage option. Again, use screws or nails to keep it all together, and consider using a stain or varnish. Try an asymmetric layout for a really quirky, unique look.

Toy box

A large crate has plenty of space for keeping your little ones' favourite toys, and all you need is a flat piece of wood and some hinges to make a lid. Go all out by adding a soft cushion on top, and they'll have a comfortable seat to boot.

Shoe storage

Just one or two crates turned on their sides gives you a place to keep shoes neat. Place it by a door if you want to prevent people trekking mud through the house, and maybe add some other outdoor essentials like a flashlight or waterproof clothing so it's always easy to find.


A wooden crate makes an excellent place to grow plants. Just fill it up with compost and you're ready to go, whether it's tasty vegetables or beautiful flowers you're after. You can make really nice displays using crates, arranging them in patterns or pushing them close together. Because they're open and made from porous wood, they provide drainage to plants, so they won't get waterlogged.

For more tips on how to use new crates, click here!

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