Reasons to Consider Bi-Fold Doors for Patio Enclosures

Renovating your outdoor landscape may lead to the choice of enclosing your patio area. This offers several benefits, including a possible year-round entertainment space for friends and family. There are several options for enclosures including screens, portable pool style fencing, and others. However, one that is overlooked is the option of bi-fold doors. If you haven't looked into the innovative designs in bi-fold doors for patio enclosures, consider the reasons you should.

Integrated Seasonal Designs

One of the innovations that bi-fold doors have seen for outdoor use is the implementation of integrated seasonal designs. What this means is that you can alter the doors just slightly to offer ample airflow during the summer months while closing off wind and rain during harsher weather and winter months. This gives you the ability to buy one style of bi-fold door and use it year round as a durable enclosure for the patio without worry of having to take down the doors, store them, or leave up unsightly door attachments during an off season.

Glass Designs and Modern Options

When you think of bi-fold doors, you likely think about the style you see in most homes. These are usually wood or composite and have a shutter style to them. The shutters rarely move and allow minimum airflow to enter the enclosed space, such as closets or laundry areas. There have been many innovations in bi-fold doors over the past decades that now include glass options, Plexiglas, and even steel and glass composites. You no longer have to have a simple shuttered or solid bi-fold door. You can now choose from a wide array of modern options to fit your home and needs. This makes them ideal for patios where you would like to see out to the garden, outdoor play areas, or even into the home.

Low-Maintenance and Versatility

You may be concerned with the amount of maintenance a bi-fold door enclosure system would bring to your patio. The truth is, there are several options you can go with. For example, if you are concerned about storing them during the off season, you can choose an option that can be left out year round. If you are concerned about the maintenance of the appearance and cleanliness of the bi-fold doors, you can opt for an outdoor resin or vinyl treatment to match your home. These options make the doors more versatile, easy to clean, and easy to fit into your lifestyle.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider bi-fold doors for your patio enclosure. If you aren't certain of the type of door option that may be best for your design idea, consider a consultation with a bi-fold door contractor.

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