Reasons Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Steadily Becoming a Residential Staple

Luxury vinyl flooring was a mainstay in commercial premises due to the enhanced aesthetics that it would provide. Moreover, the cost of luxury vinyl used to be quite high, thus making it more financially viable for business owners rather than the average residential home. However, over the years, luxury vinyl has become more affordable, which has led to builders and homeowners alike to gravitate toward this product when installing new flooring. The following are a few of the reasons why luxury vinyl flooring is steadily becoming a residential staple:

Easy installation

One of the major advantages that vinyl offers as a building supply is its easy installation. Despite being a premium material, the vinyl will not tear when it is handled. Thus, your builders are likely to get the installation right the first time, without having to correct imperfections as they go. Secondly, vinyl is a flexible and lightweight material. These characteristics make for easier handling, meaning your contractors will be able to install the flooring in a short period.

High versatility

Another reason why luxury vinyl is becoming an attractive option for homeowners is the versatile appearance of this material. In years past, regular vinyl was considered a low-end flooring option as it did not enhance the appearance of your flooring. Instead, the conventional vinyl was directly used for practical reasons, as it was a durable choice. In recent years, luxury vinyl has been developed to mimic an assortment of surfaces. Therefore, you have the freedom to be as creative as you want with the appearance of your flooring. Secondly, luxury vinyl is available in a range of profiles. Whether you would like the appearance of ceramic tiles of would like your vinyl installed similarly to timber planks, you can be assured of finding materials to suit your vision.

Minimal maintenance

No matter which part of your home you install flooring, you would have to engage in regular cleaning to keep the floors spick and span. However, it should be noted that your choice of material would dictate the degree of maintenance that your flooring requires. For instance, timber stays a classic flooring material, but homeowners would have to embark on cleaning, sealing and polishing regularly to keep their wood floors attractive. Luxury vinyl requires minimal maintenance as it is non-porous. This property not only makes it water resistant, but it is stain resistant too. A routine wipe-down with water and a mild detergent should be sufficient for keeping your luxury vinyl floors in good condition.

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