4 Tips for Getting the Best from Combination Locks

Combination locks are very popular among business owners because they offer several advantages, such as changing who can access a given section of a building without having to change the locks. This article discusses some suggestions that you should implement if you plan to install your first combination locks on your commercial premises.

Decide How Many Keypads You Need

Combination locks can have a keypad on only one side of the door. You can also install another keypad on the other side of the lock (inside the room). Consider your requirements and decide whether you need a keypad on both sides of your doors. For example, people who have strong rooms should consider installing keypads on both sides of the door so that anyone who enters the room can lock himself or herself inside until he or she is ready to exit the room. Having two keypads on such doors will save you from being exposed to intruders while the door remains open as someone is inside the room.

Select Unforgettable Combinations

We live in a digital age in which people have to memorise numerous passwords and codes, such as the passwords to emails, social media accounts and ATM card codes. It is therefore pertinent to select codes that you can easily remember when you install combination locks on your commercial premises. Just make sure that you avoid a code that someone can easily guess (1234, for instance).

Be Alert When Entering the Code

You should always be cautious when you are entering the combination that opens your locks into the keypad. For instance, be very close to the lock so that your body blocks anyone who may be behind you as you enter the code. In this way, you will prevent unauthorised people from knowing the code to rooms that they shouldn't have access to. Instruct other people who have the combination to be cautious too.

Keep Records

Some combination locks have the ability to maintain a log of each time that the lock has been opened. Always keep these records and review them in order to identify whether someone has been trying to access a room without having the correct combination to open the lock. You can then strengthen your security measures accordingly. You should also keep records of the people that you have given the combinations that open different rooms. Those records will help you to know when to change the combination in case someone no longer needs to have that access.

Talk to a commercial locksmith, like the ones found at http://www.rivercitylocksmiths.com.au, so that he or she can help you to select the most reliable model of combination locks. That professional will also advise you about how to maintain those locks so that they perform effectively for a long time.

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