4 Material Properties of Glass that Make it an Ideal Choice for Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are one of the most commonly used types of splashbacks on the construction market. The popularity of glass splashbacks is largely associated with the material properties of glass that make it ideal for use in the manufacture of splashbacks. Here's a look at some of those qualities.

Impact resistance

A major issue with typical glass products is that they break easily when subjected to high impact. This is not the case with glass splashbacks. The glass used in the manufacture of splashbacks is not regular glass, which easily breaks into shards. Instead, superior-grade toughened glass is used.

Toughened glass is a special-grade glass that is used to improve the safety of glass products. This type of glass can be tempered or laminated. When broken, tempered or laminated glass splashbacks will not crumble into jagged shards that may cut someone. This ensures safe removal of broken splashbacks.  

Heat resistance

The tempered glass that is used to manufacture splashbacks not only provides high impact resistance, but also offers superior heat resistance compared to regular glass. Heat resistance is a product quality that is particularly important for splashbacks that are to be used in heat-generating areas like kitchens. To make tempered glass heat resistant, heat-resistive material such as silica and soda lime. Mixing ordinary glass with these materials reduces the thermal expansion coefficient of the final product, thus making it highly resistant to heat-induced damage. 


The reflective nature of glass makes it a perfect choice for those who want to make a huge design statement in their buildings. Glass splashbacks offer a chic, stylish look that can blend well with any contemporary-style space, but also accentuate the beauty of any other building design. In addition, glass splashbacks can brighten up an otherwise dark room by pulling and distributing light coming from outside through the windows. 

Easy to clean

Splashbacks are usually installed in kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms where maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is critical. Glass splashbacks, in particular, are highly favoured because they can be easily cleaned when dirt stains start to show. Most forms of dirt can be cleaned out with tepid water and mild cleaning solution. Therefore, people do not have to spend lots of time trying to keep their splashback looking clean and in mint condition.

With these material qualities, it is easy to see why glass splashbacks are highly sought after in the construction market.

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