What You Need To Know About Your Gas Line and Your Safety

When it comes to residential plumbing emergencies, most homeowners tend to focus on their water and sewer lines. Although it is vital to ensure that these systems are well maintained for them to stay in proper working order, you should also make sure that you are not ignoring your gas line too. Your gas line is not only crucial in ensuring that you can cook, but also it plays a role in heating your home as well as providing you with hot water. Therefore, it is just as critical as your water system. Not to mention that a compromised gas line does not only translate into inconvenience but also could pose the risk of a house fire. So what are some of the things that you need to know regarding your gas line and the safety of you and your loved ones?

What are the problems that your gas line may face?

The most important thing to avoid when it comes to your home's gas line is a leak. However, these leaks crop up due to various reasons. Thus, it is also essential for homeowners to know what measures they should be taking to minimise the risk of the leaks developing in the first place.

One of the more common culprits of gas line leaks is compromised joints in the pipeline. These joints start to succumb to corrosion over time and steadily disintegrate. Therefore, you should have your gas lines inspected and replaced as needed by your preferred plumber before you have an emergency on your hands.

The second reason why leaks would spring up from your gas line is if the seals in the plumbing have become cracked over time. Once a seal has acquired damage, it is prudent to have it replaced rather than try to patch it up with repairs. Lastly, renovation, landscaping and remodelling projects on the property that require excavation could end up puncturing the gas line, and this too would result in leaks.

Symptoms of a gas leak on your property

The most prominent red flag of a potential gas leak on your property would be the pungent smell of rotten eggs. It is advisable to switch off your gas mains and call a plumber to come find the source of the leak before any open fires are lit in the home.

The second symptom to look for indicating a gas leak would be gas-operated appliances that have started malfunctioning simultaneously.

Lastly, some people may develop physical symptoms whenever they are indoors due to inhaling the gas such as headaches, impaired vision and more.

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