Concrete Pumping: Promoting Personnel Safety in Your Worksite

If you are planning for concrete construction, you should obtain a pump for the operation. The appropriate concrete pump will increase the rate of building your desired structure or surface. Also, it will reduce your labour requirements during the project. Additionally, the automated handling of the concrete will reduce the incidents of strain injury in the workers. However, concrete pumps are not without fault. In simple terms, this pump is a heavy-duty machine. If it is handled poorly in your worksite, you might experience unexpected accidents. Here are some guidelines to help you promote safety when using a pump for concrete construction: 

Check the Equipment before Use

When you obtain the concrete pump for your project, you should ensure that the equipment is checked before use. An inspection will reveal potential problems in the functionality of the setup, allowing early aversion. Ideally, this assessment should be performed before every construction session. During the check-up, you should examine the condition of the concrete delivery lines and the end hoses. These handle the construction material directly at high pressure. 

If these channels are damaged, they will cause numerous functional problems and injuries in the worksite. The lines and hoses should be properly connected, and they should be equipped with the correct clamps, gaskets and other fasteners. If there is abnormal wear, you should avoid proceeding before resolution. Also, inspect the other concrete handling components and vehicle parts such as breaks and tyres for anomalies before usage as a precaution.

Eliminate Potential Hazards

You should be aware of the potential hazards of handling concrete pumps and manage them during your worksite operations. For instance, the hopper is a dangerous component which can pull in workers and cause irreparable problems. Therefore, if you are planning on cleaning the equipment, ensure that the pump is not in gear. If you attempt to remove the grates over the hopper with a pump in gear, you might cause the engagement of the agitator, and a worker could be pulled into the equipment. Additionally, you should not override the interlock switch for the hopper grates. 

Perform Scheduled Maintenance

If your concrete construction project is prolonged, you should think about the scheduled maintenance of the pumping setup. It is advisable to check the terms and conditions of your contract if the equipment was hired. The rental company might be responsible for the work, or you could be obligated to cover for the services. The preventative care will prevent unexpected failure of the concrete pump, ensuring safety in your site. 

Contact a concrete pump hire service for more information and assistance. 

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