Root Rot Disease: Essential Tree Care Tips for Effective Management of Root Rot Tree Disease in Your Garden

Root rot disease in one of the most common causes of severe tree damage or death. It's advisable that you take necessary tree care measures to prevent and control a root rot attack in your garden. Remember that the disease spreads easily and can destroy the curb appeal of your home in a short time. This article provides basics on effective tree care to help you prevent, control, and treat root rot tree disease.

Proper Inspection and Diagnosis It's advisable that you inspect the health of your trees regularly so as to identify any abnormalities. Detecting root rot disease early through regular inspection is one sure way of controlling the spread of the disease, as well as eliminating it completely.

Root rot disease is not easy to diagnose because some of its symptoms are similar to the symptoms of other diseases and pest attacks. However, telltale signs of root rot include gradual discoloration of leaves, where the leaves turn yellow or brown, wilt and eventually fall off the tree. Also, root rot disease causes a dark brown discoloration of a tree's stem base and roots, and it makes the roots soggy and weak.

Provide ideal conditions Poor drainage, water logging and over-watering create favorable conditions for root rot disease to thrive. So, to keep root rot disease at bay, ensure your garden has good drainage, prevent water logging, and avoid over-watering your garden.

It's advisable that you consult a tree service provider who may advise you how to create the ideal drainage in your garden and avoid water logging as well. Also, avoid planting trees with varying water needs in close proximity because you may find that your watering habits are ideal for some trees and not for others. Remember, managing soil moisture accordingly helps you to keep root rot disease at bay.

Use proper treatment Unfortunately, root rot disease does not have a quick fix solution or a drug that you can apply to get rid of the disease.

However, you can buy an appropriate fungicide to help inhibit the growth of the fungi that causes the disease. Consider consulting a professional tree service provider or arborist who may advise you the best fungicide to buy.

Also, cutting off and discarding rotten roots and branches is highly effective in eliminating the disease, as long as you cut off the infection completely. Otherwise, if the other solutions are not feasible, tree removal is a sure solution. You can have a professional remove and discard the affected tree.

Root rot disease is a hard-to-cure disease that causes tree death if left untreated. The tips above can help you to effectively manage a root rot disease emergency in your garden.

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