Features That Will Draw Construction Site Managers to Modern Construction Trailers

As a site manager, you already know the importance of worksite trailers in construction projects. Apart from providing you and other departmental supervisors a convenient space for discussing project details, construction trailers provide a centralised area where project managers can easily handle worksite staff issues such as payments.

Despite the benefits, it is common to find construction trailers cramped and crammed with all manner of office equipment. It is usually the case in traditionally designed trailers, which prevents full realisation of the possible benefits of a trailer. However, trailer hire firms have stepped up their game, and they are now stocking modernised trailers. This post highlights some advanced trailer features that you need to explore as a construction site manager.

Pre-wired for Data Hubs

Gone are the days when people used data modems to access the internet when working on mobile structures. Since traditional trailer designs do not have data hubs pre-installed, manufacturers are coming up with pre-wired designs for data ports. The feature allows for comfortable, cheap and convenient internet access. This is a significant advantage because construction projects today involve data that has to be stored in the cloud for convenience purposes. With data ports on trailers, it becomes easy for all project managers to access the cloud for any project information whenever they are in the trailer. Additionally, manufacturers can customise trailers with the exact number of data ports needed.  

Open Floor Plan

All project managers understand that space is of utmost importance especially for discussing project details. Usually, the number of people involved in such discussions is relatively high for traditional trailer designs since the mobile offices do not have enough room. That said, trailers are designed to accommodate enthusiasts of lean construction principles because the models feature open floor plans.

Additionally, since Integrated Project Delivery Systems have become a mainstay in the construction industry, project managers prefer to have open floor plans that can transform into breakout rooms when necessary. Furthermore, the trailers are equipped with a white wall on one end that acts as an erase board for illustration during project discussions. Renting this trailer design allows site managers to organise group planning sessions as well as one-on-one meetings with ease.  

Oversised Windows and Skylights

The primary objective of your clients is to keep costs as low as possible. Therefore, energy efficiency has become a standard necessity that construction trailer manufacturers have to fulfil. Modern trailers are equipped with oversized windows as well as skylights that allow for natural light. The feature also makes it possible for fresh air circulation thereby minimising the use of air-conditioning systems.   

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