How to Make Sure That Your Commercial Cold Room Continues to Function Correctly

If you are responsible for any element of food distribution, you know how important refrigeration may be. If adequate systems are not in place to look after the food, it can quickly go off and lead to sizeable losses or irate customers. Whenever there is any break in the transportation schedule, these foods will need to be stored in an efficient cold room, but much will depend on how this facility is maintained, and regular checks will need to be initiated without fail. What areas should be covered?

Daily Maintenance

On a daily basis, the compressor within the cold room has to be checked for signs of any leakage. At the same time, the evaporator must be checked for the formation of ice, and if any is found, it must be removed. Is there an adequate amount of coolant within each system to maintain proper efficiency? It's also important to have a look at the head pressure of the secondary system and to ensure that the ideal temperature is being achieved.

Monthly Checks

Once a month, additional checks need to be rolled out. The condenser and evaporator need a much closer look, and the coil fins should be cleaned off and the cooler fins inspected. With the unit under full load, is the system able to keep the correct temperature? Refrigerant levels will need a closer check at this stage to make sure they are in good condition and likely to work properly for the months ahead. This is also a good time to check the functionality of control valves and the defrost function. If possible, undergo a complete system check to make sure all is working well.

Cold Room Doors and Pumps

Periodically, you should also have a look at the condition of the cold room doors. There are many components to check here, including timers, switches, control boxes, hinges and alignment. Your facility may also run into trouble if the pumps are not operating properly, as these transfer heat through a pressure differential. They are vulnerable to leakage in some situations.

When to Call in Support

If you notice anything other than minor issues which are repairable on site, call in a specialist in refrigeration repair. If you're diligent with your inspections on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis, then you may be able to avoid any downtime and will be able to keep the food in top condition.

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