3 Major Pros of Plastic Trench Drains

Trench drains are designed in a way that they can drain water from a specific area. They serve as gutters that are installed in the ground. These drains are mostly installed in areas that are prone to soil erosion. They slow down the flow of water and direct it to a different place. Trench grates can be made from various materials such as plastic, polymer, steel and many more materials. You may choose the material that you need for your trench drain depending on where you are using it. However, here are some of the advantages of the plastic trench drains that could make you consider it.

1. It Is Lightweight

A trench drain made from plastic is lightweight. You can easily transport your plastic pipes without worrying so much. Transport costs will not be high because they are determined by the weight of the item being transported. Therefore, this material will be affordable than trench drains made of materials that are heavy such as polymer. Heavy materials will need a fork truck so that you can unload them. Installing the plastic drains is easy because you will need fewer workers and machines to position the pipes. This will lower the labour costs, and the process will be quick.

2. Extended Lengths and Durability

You can find longer lengths of plastic trench drains. This feature means that they will be no leakages because there are no joints on the pipes. There is a free flow of water not only because of the lengths but also due to the inner surface of the pipes. The inner surface is smooth hence water can flow without causing friction, and this reduces the chances of flooding. Therefore, with these features, your pipes need less maintenance hence they are durable. The pipes will maintain their good condition for a long time because plastics do not corrode or rust. Their good shape will still be intact because they are strong enough to withstand pressure.

3. Resistant

Plastic pipes are resistant to chemicals. Therefore, chemicals from soil that is contaminated cannot corrode the plastic pipes hence less maintenance is required. These pipes are also resistant to flames. They cannot easily burn unless they have a burning source. This feature is appealing to people that will let them choose plastic trench drains. Tests also show that plastic pipes are not toxic and recyclable, hence they are friendly to the environment. 

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