The Do's And Don'ts Of Summer Clean Up With A Skip Bin

Summer has arrived in Australia, and with it comes summer storms, kids off from school, Christmas presents and end-of-year holidays. One of the greatest things that you can do at the beginning of any year is to wander through the house and garden to discard items you no longer need. Skip bin hire is perfect for this task because you don't have to try and cram everything into your wheelie bin before rubbish collection day. However, as someone who has never rented a skip bin before, you're not 100% sure of the best way to use it. Here are four tips to make sure your summer cleanup chore is easy and effective when using a skip bin.

Do Be Brutal

When you are paying for a skip bin hire, you want to make the most of the time you have it, so go through your house and garden with a fine tooth comb and get rid of everything that you can. Garden waste, including tree branches, broken toys and even leftover Christmas wrapping can all easily be tossed in the bin.

Don't Throw In Paint Tins Or Hazardous Items

There are certain items that do not belong in a skip bin because they are hazardous to another person's health. Car batteries and paint tins are an example of this. Ask your skip bin provider for a list of banned substances so that you don't inadvertently place one of those items in there.

Do Prepare An Area For Skip Delivery

A skip bin is not allowed to sit out on the curb of your property because this area belongs to the council. Therefore, you need to consider the best place for the skip bin to be delivered and prepare this area for the delivery if necessary. You want the bin to be located at a spot which is easy to access from both the house and your garden. A driveway is an ideal place, but you will need to park your car elsewhere while you clean up.

Don't Let Little Kids Near The Bin

While children love to help mum and dad with any chore they are doing, skip bins are not something your children should be near. Material within the bin can fall over and crush a small child. If you do have small kids at home, consider against hiring a bin which opens up at the end to walk into. If you hire a solid, non-opening bin, the sides should be high enough to stop your kids from entering.

If you have any other concerns about skip bin rental, talk to your local hire company.

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