Commercial Flooring: Simple Tips for Customising Polished Concrete Surfaces

If you are interested in replacing your commercial floors, you should consider installing a polished concrete surface. As implied, this type of flooring is built using concrete, but the finished surface is different from regular concrete structures. In general, the concrete used in polished floors is treated with a densifier to minimise the porosity of the material. The flooring is also sanded or ground down to create a refined surface. Unfortunately, plain concrete floors can be boring even when polished. If you would like to further enhance the appeal of your concrete surface, consider using the tips below for ideal results.

Include Decorative Aggregate

You should think about adding decorative aggregate into your concrete mix when building your commercial flooring. Concrete floors can be bland due to their consistent grey colour; as a result, the surface will not look outstanding when polished. However, if you incorporate crushed stoned or other types of aggregate into the mix, the floor will have a beautiful and variegated appearance. This is a perfect choice if you are trying to give your commercial space a more interesting look.

Consider Colouring Options

Colouring is a simple but effective method for customising your polished concrete floor. The right colouring can transform your internal spaces completely, allowing your building to stand out. The simplest method for colouring your concrete is incorporating dyes or other staining compounds into the concrete. This method will create a consistent hue for the entire surface, as long as the concrete is adequately mixed. There are other methods, such as acid etching, but the results can be limited due to the superficial aspect of the technique.

Plan on Gridding or Lining

You should think about enhancing the appeal of your concrete floor by adding some lines or grids. These elements do not only improve the appearance of the open flooring -- the marks can also function as boundaries or dividers for your space. The specific designs of the grids will depend on your preference. Moreover, you can create any shape or pattern apart from traditional shapes. However, this process must be conducted when the concrete is wet, so you must plan for this early.

Install Borders

Finally, polished concrete surfaces can be enhanced by using decorative borders appropriately. This type of customisation involves creating a relatively narrow but separate section of the flooring around the edges of the room. These borders are then filled with concrete with differing aesthetics from the rest of the floor. The contrasting impact will be incredible when designed appropriately. 

You can speak with commercial concreting contractors in your area for more information.

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