Three potential consequences of postponing air conditioning system repairs during a heatwave

If your air conditioning system breaks down during a heatwave, it is important to get it fixed by an HVAC contractor promptly. Read on to learn about some of the consequences of postponing the repair work in this situation.

Your houseplants may die

If you love to keep houseplants in your home, then it is definitely sensible to call an air conditioning repairs team if your HVAC system breaks down. With the exception of tropical varieties, most houseplants will not survive if exposed to high indoor temperatures for an extended period of time. This is because heat can cause a plant to dehydrate rapidly, which then, in turn, can lead to it losing not only water but also many of the essential nutrients that it needs to stay alive. As such, if you wait too long to call an HVAC contractor, you may end up having to throw away many of your houseplants and then spend money replacing them.

Your pets may end up experiencing heat stroke

If you own a bird, cat, dog, rabbit, or any other type of pet, then it is absolutely essential not to delay the repair of your damaged air conditioning system. Instead, contact an HVAC contractor right away. Small animals—particularly those with warm fur coats, like rabbits, cats and dogs—can overheat very quickly during a heatwave. This can happen even if you make sure that they are hydrated and are far away from direct sunlight. If your pet stays too hot for too long inside your home, they could develop heat stroke. This, in turn, could result in them becoming extremely ill and requiring emergency treatment.

Your wooden furniture may sustain damage

If you have lots of wooden furniture in your home, and the heatwave that is occurring has not only lead to a rise in temperature but also a rise in humidity levels, then it is important to get the issue with your air conditioner resolved quickly. In the presence of both moisture (from the humidity) and heat, a type of fungi that eats wood can begin to grow on the surfaces of wooden objects. After this happens, the fungi will carry on eating the wood until the object has been dried out or the affected area has been chopped off. In short, failing to keep your home cool could result in major damage to the wooden furniture in your house.

If your AC system isn't working, don't delay. Contact local HVAC contractors to get speedy repairs done.

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