Why You Should Consider a New Form of Septic Treatment

While most of the Australian population is concentrated around the coast in urban settlements, many people still choose to live in rural locations and for them, the humble septic tank is a lifesaver. This type of treatment system has given these people a degree of freedom and allows them to process waste with relatively little hassle and good efficiency. Nevertheless, these systems do require quite a lot of power when they're running, and you'll need to make significant modifications to the land in order to install them correctly. If you're looking at the installation of a new waste treatment system, then perhaps you should consider an alternative idea and use an aerobic sand filter instead. What is involved in this type of system and how beneficial is it?


The sand filter system is a relatively new invention, but it has some significant advantages. It is able to treat a variety of different forms of wastewater while increasing overall capacity at the same time. This means that you can treat the waste from your bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry and re-purpose it in order to irrigate any nearby land.

Aerobic Filter at Work

Drainage pipes gather the waste from the various points around your house and deliver it to a central treatment centre. Here, the solid matter is broken down using naturally occurring bacteria, allowing the fat to rise to the top. The liquid wastewater is then pumped away to a special sand filter structure that is buried beneath the surface. The water will then percolate through a number of different layers and will benefit from a second treatment process. Each layer features layers of sand and small rocks, and as the water drips down, the harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria are removed. The water that arrives at the base of the filter is then fit for onward distribution and can be pumped through different channels to irrigate your lawn or garden.

Simpler, Easier, Cheaper

Other systems may be able to achieve the same goal, but they often rely on specialised equipment like blowers or agitators. They may even need harsh chemicals to make them work properly and process everyday waste efficiently. Here, the system is a lot simpler which makes it easier to maintain and much cheaper over the long run. It's certainly an efficient alternative to the traditional way of processing waste.

Exploring Your Options

You may be able to install an aerobic sand filter system as part of your new development. Talk with your septic treatment supplier to see what options they can provide.

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