Why Use Abrasive Blasting on Your Boat Before Repainting it?

If your boat isn't looking as spruce as it used to, then you may be thinking about having it repainted. If the boat's protective coating has degraded, then it may also be starting to show signs of damage that you want to put a stop to.

Before you go ahead, it's important to prepare your boat for any new paints or coatings you want to apply. Touching up worn surfaces or painting over old paint isn't the best way to go. It's worth thinking about having your boat blasted with an abrasive process first. How does this process work and why is it a good idea?

How Does Abrasive Blasting Work on Boats?

Abrasive blasting helps clean and prepare a boat's external surfaces. Typically, this process involves firing an abrasive material at the boat. Wet blasting uses water during the job; dry blasting doesn't.

The abrasion of the blast cleans the surface area. So, this might remove old paint, dirt, traces of corrosion, salts, contaminants, and even marine creatures and plants that have lodged on the boat.

Why Have an Abrasive Blasting Clean?

If you use your boat regularly, then its exterior is exposed to lot of things that might stick to the hull or cause damage. Abrasive blasting simply removes these things, so your boat goes back to a cleaner and more sterile state.

If you strip your boat back before you apply paints or coatings, then your renovation job will be easier. If the boat is clean, then any paint you apply will stick to surfaces more effectively; if you paint over things that are stuck to the boat, then the paint sticks to them rather than the boat itself.

So, you'll get better protective coats when you're done repainting. The job will also look smoother and more professional. Your boat could look like new again.

Abrasive blasting may also improve your boat's performance or, at the very least, ensure that its performance isn't affected in the near future. The cleaner your boat is, the more smoothly it will run.

Things like excess layers of paint, and marine and plant life can increase drag on boats. They hold the boat back. Abrasive blasting removes all this debris, leaving your boat sleek and speedy.

Contact marine contractors to find out more about abrasive blasting. They can help you decide whether a wet or dry procedure will be best for your boat.

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