4 Crucial Warning Signs Your Garage Door Motor May Be Bad

Garage doors are made of many different mechanical and electrical components that work together to ensure the smooth and easy operation of the doors. While regularly maintaining these doors can help to keep problems at bay, problems can still arise due to the normal wear of parts with time.

One of the components of your garage door that may give out and need to be replaced is the motor unit found in your garage door opener. Here are some warning signs you should watch out for to tell if you need a garage door opener motor replacement.

The Garage Door Opener Vibrates

Does your garage door opener vibrate during garage door operation? Keep your eye on it – that could be a faulty garage door motor vibrating inside its housing.

If the vibrations are strong, you might even notice that the garage door opener is coming loose from the point it has been mounted on. If this is happening, don't ignore the problem because the vibrating opener could end up breaking free from its mounting point and fall to the ground. 

This can lead to injuries or damage to your vehicle. If you notice your garage door opener vibrating, it may be time to get a new motor or fix the mounting system.

The Garage Door Opener Makes Excessive Noise

Does your garage door opener make unusual sounds, or is it constantly loud while being operated? These could be tell-tale signs that the motor in the opener is having trouble as it opens or closes the garage door.

Your garage door opener model could be old and may need to be replaced together with all the components in it, including the motor. 

Never ignore any strange sounds or loud noise, including squeaking, creaking and clanking sounds. Have the opener checked by a garage maintenance and repair technician to determine whether you need a new opener or just a motor replacement.

The Garage Door Moves Sluggishly

Is your garage door is a bit slower to rise and close than usual? A malfunctioning garage door motor can be one of the causes of the slow movement. The motor in your opener could be having trouble pulling the weight of the door and may need to be replaced.

The Garage Door Can't Open

There are several reasons your garage door opener may refuse to work completely. An old or burnt motor is one of the most likely culprits. Have a garage door professional check it out to determine if you need to get a new one.

If you experience one or more of the above-highlighted warning signs, your garage door motor could be the culprit. A garage door repair expert can help you to troubleshoot and identify the exact source of the problem.

For more information on garage door motors, consult a resource in your area.

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