Three Central Tips for a Simple and Practical Architectural Home

If you are designing your new home, you should consider choosing an architect for the drafting process. In general, designing a house can be difficult. even when you have the right ideas. If your thoughts and architectural dreams are not represented properly on the blueprint, the contractors will not be able to interpret the details. As a result, the final structure might not match the ideas. In addition, you should remember that a poorly designed home will compromise your lifestyle, and you might have difficulty selling if the need arises. Here are tips for designing a simple but practical architectural home.

Evaluate Your Lot

One of the advantages of designing a new house is customising the structure to match the building site. Often, beautiful houses appear mediocre because they are not suitable for the lots on which they are built. Therefore, when designing your home, it is advisable to check out your site and examine its features with care. Think about the architectural elements that you can incorporate to maximise the use of the lot. For instance, you might want to take advantage of the topography, trees and water features to enhance your house.

Consider Orientation

The orientation is an important factor in architectural design of homes. In general, the orientation will determine the practical use and appeal of different rooms. Remember, this aspect will influence the amount of sunlight in each space. You can spend time looking at the movement of the sun on your lot before commencing the design. For instance, the southern side usually has even and constant sunlight. This side is perfect for bedrooms, offices and other environments that need to be well-lit.

The northern side might be suitable for the living room if you would not like too much light. The west has the harshest sunlight. Therefore, consider using the space for general-service rooms, like the laundry room or a bathroom. The right decisions will depend on your preference and the specific aspects of your residential space. If natural light flowing through the windows is insufficient, think about installing skylights in your house.

Create Connected Spaces

The most common mistake in design is the lack of connectivity in the interior space. In simple terms, most people build large houses but do not consider the flow. As a result, the house does not achieve optimal functionality. Therefore, when designing, you should not aim to create countless rooms. Instead, opt for residential space which is flexible and open to facilitate free movement and comfort. 

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If you are designing your new home, you should consider choosing an architect for the drafting process. In general, designing a house can be difficult