Benefits of Using a Retaining Wall Contractor to Reduce Erosion Issues

Erosion is an issue that many homeowners face. This is due to several issues including improper drainage and old guttering. Even with changes to these two key points, you may still experience erosion near your walls, foundation, and especially in garden beds surrounding the home. One way to counteract and help reduce the water erosion is to install retaining walls. Before you try to handle this on your own, consider a few of the benefits to use a retaining wall contractor. 

Proper Placement

One of the leading benefits of using a contractor is they know where to place the retaining wall material properly. They can configure the proper stone placement based on the type of erosion and washout you have. The configuration of the stones or materials matters greatly. For example, if you have raised garden beds behind the walls, then you will need a configuration that holds in the soil levels and keep the roots in place. Proper placement ensures that drainage can happen naturally.

Additional Upgrades

When you handle a retaining wall project on your own, you likely will only buy and place the stones or other material you choose. You may not think of the additional upgrades. These upgrades can consist of drainage pipes, weed control barrier, and water barriers that are not part of the original material. By not having these upgrades you may find that your do it yourself wall project does not have the integrity you want it to have. Instead, you can use a contractor who will automatically know they need these upgrades, what upgrades they need for your specific erosion reduction needs, and where to place them.

Material Choice

You may have your heart set on a specific material such as a cobblestone or red brick. Though you may like this material, that doesn't mean that it will work well to help reduce your erosion problems. Keep in mind not all retaining walls will do the same job or have the same integrity. A contractor can help take the look you want and find the most ideal match in the material that works for your needs. This helps compromise and to reach the end goal you need for appearance and for workability.

If you believe that a retaining wall contractor is a better idea than handling this project on your own, contact your nearest one today. They can schedule a consultation to look over the erosion you currently have and make suggestions on what options are best for retaining walls and placement. They can also discuss retaining wall placement, height, and pricing as well.

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