Why Timber Products Are Your Best Bet For Any Backyard Construction

Whether you are building a shed, a kennel or anything in between, it is important that you get the right material that suits your needs. While metal sheeting and framework are certainly getting more popular, there are a few reasons why they do not really fit the bill of smaller, backyard constructions. Timber products are where you should mainly be looking, from the structural timber to the external walls and roof. Although that might be a bit confusing, because timber is weaker than metal, there are good reasons for this. Here are three main reasons why timber products are better for backyard constructions.


When you are building anything, you need to have the ability to change your material on the go. It is common on any construction for someone to order something meant to be one-size only to realise on the day that it is far too long or big to fit your needs. Metal is almost impossible to adjust onsite, while timber products can easily be cut to shape while retaining their internal strength and external appeal. The easy to adjust nature of timber becomes even more important on smaller projects, where you might change your mind about something mid-construction and want to do it differently.


Timber is great because it has a lot of strength for its relatively light total weight. This makes it perfect for smaller constructions where only one or two people are doing all of the heavy lifting. Metal, on the other hand, is always going to be much heavier. Not only does that mean you need more people to lift the roofing up, but it also means you need to secure stronger foundations to hold the weight of all this metal. That costs money and takes even longer, which is why timber products are generally preferred in smaller buildings. 

Easy To Decorate

Timber products are very simple to paint, with most traditional paints designed specifically for timber products. This gives you a whole plethora of options to choose from, and that is definitely an attractive feature for those who care about the aesthetics of their backyard building. Metal, on the other hand, does not always do so well with paint, and you need specific types that will not interfere with or corrode the metal. If you cannot be bothered spending all this time looking for specific types of paint that may or may not work and just want to get on with it, then timber should be your priority. 

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