Lighting Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

If you're undergoing a bathroom renovation, you may concentrate on the visible elements, such as the tiles, vanity, and flooring. However, don't overlook the room's lighting, which helps you view all the other colours and textures. The lighting influences the mood. Plus, it impacts how practical the bathroom is. To help you create the best space, here are some lighting tips.

Large Windows

For starters, natural light is free and inviting, and it can help a space appear larger. Consider installing wide, broad windows that look out onto a lush garden or provide a panoramic view from a highrise. An outside view will connect the bathroom to nature. And natural daylight provides the best illumination for putting on makeup and grooming. Plus, it highlights the characteristics of natural or porcelain tiles in the most flattering way. To preserve privacy, install frosted glass or fit decorative window coverings such as plantation shutters.


If your home doesn't allow expansive vertical windows, don't give up on bringing extra natural light inside. Instead, you could turn your attention upwards and install a skylight. Because you won't have to worry about privacy, you won't need to cover the glass. If the sunlight is too bright, you could place a diffuser on the ceiling. Your installers can also position the skylight so that it doesn't receive direct sunlight for a softer effect. Some architectures don't allow for a skylight, in which case you could fit a sun tunnel instead that channels light from a dome on the roof to the ceiling.

Soft Lighting

Of course, you'll also need artificial lighting. To create a calm haven, install soft lighting that's not too glary. You could connect dimmers, allowing for gentle and bright lighting. You'll get a more muted effect also with indirect lighting. For example, install wall washers. These light fixtures spread diffused illumination around the bathroom by reflecting light from the globe onto reflectors in the housing. As well, you could connect under cabinet lights that cast a soft glow towards the floor. Ceiling lights can also be angled to focus light onto the walls before it reflects into the room.

Mirror Lighting

Because you'll be grooming in front of the mirror, you'll want it to be well-lit. After all, it's better that you spot something stuck in your teeth at home rather than at work. For constant illumination, connect lights on either side of the mirror rather than above it. Dark shadows and accentuated lines can be created by lighting from above, which might unnecessarily deflate confidence. Similarly, if you're relying on recessed ceiling lights for grooming, install the lights to either side of the mirror for more even illumination. A mirror encircled by lights also produces even light from all directions.

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