Human Errors Resulting in Unexpected Commercial Refrigerator Repair Issues

Many businesses or commercial facilities in the food and non-food-related industries such as hotels and restaurants, horticulture, medicine and laboratory, pharmaceuticals and retail benefit from the use of commercial refrigeration systems.

If your business requires commercial refrigeration equipment, you cannot afford downtime. Commercial refrigerator failure can cause stored commodities to go bad before their expiration time, resulting in huge financial losses for your business.

While some issues with commercial refrigeration systems are unavoidable, others are due to human error. Read along to discover mistakes that can cause your commercial refrigerators to break down unexpectedly.

Poor maintenance

Inadequate maintenance (or a complete lack of it) is one of the top reasons why commercial refrigeration systems inevitably fail. These systems are made up of many vital components that require routine inspection and upkeep to remain in good working order.

Some examples of refrigeration system components that require regular servicing include:

  • Electric motor
  • Motor fan 
  • Compressor 
  • Refrigeration coils 
  • Thermostat
  • Door seals

Neglecting regular maintenance on your commercial refrigerators presents the perfect opportunity for minor problems to go unnoticed, eventually turning into big issues that cause your equipment to break down and require expensive repairs. 

Improper use

All refrigeration systems, be it residential or commercial, should be properly stocked to work well. These systems require sufficient thermal mass to maintain a constant temperature inside them.

If a commercial refrigerator is empty, it'll have to run harder to maintain the same temperature as a full one. As a result, it will use more energy and become more susceptible to failure, causing your refrigeration repair costs to spike. 

Although it can be great to have a bigger refrigerator than you require, a properly sized one is always more efficient and reliable. If you can't keep your refrigerator well-stocked, this might indicate that you need a smaller unit. 

From merchandise displays and reach-in refrigerators to walk-in coolers (also known as cold rooms) and freezer rooms, all commercial refrigeration systems serve one main purpose—to keep products cold and preserve their shelf life. The shelf life of a product refers to the length of time it stays usable, saleable or fit for consumption. 

Some common products that require commercial refrigeration are foodstuff including dairy, raw meats, fish and fresh or cooked vegetables, and non-food items such as flowers and vaccines. 

Don't hesitate to contact a commercial refrigeration repair professional if you suspect or have seen the signs that your commercial refrigerator is faulty.  

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